Front Load Containers

Full Range of Front Load Dumpsters and Bins

Full Offering of Quality Front Load Dumpsters

ConFab designs and manufactures a complete line of front load commercial steel containers, steel trash bins and steel dumpsters with capacities ranging from 1 – 8 cubic yards. We also build quality steel front end load dumpsters and steel trash containers for front load garbage collection trucks.

Our full line of high-quality, durable front load waste containers is designed to meet your commercial, residential or construction needs:

  • Pitch Tops
  • Split Containers
  • Flat Tops
  • Humpbacks
  • Dempster-Style
  • Standard Nestable Front Load
  • Heavy-Duty Nestable Front Load
  • Plastic Bin Liners
  • Counterbalanced Lid Containers
  • Rent-a-Bins
  • Towable Containers
  • Compactor Containers
  • Medical Waste Containers
  • Bear Proof Containers
  • Vault Containers

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