Grease Collection Containers

Full Range of Grease Storage Containers and Bins

Full Offering of Grease Disposal Containers

Because it damages plumbing and sewage systems, used grease cannot simply be put down the drain. With the grease collection market continuing to grow nationally, ConFab has designed many of the motor oil and restaurant grease disposal containers in use today.  

ConFab offers an array of sturdy, high-quality and durable steel grease containers and dumpsters that ensure the safe and secure handling of used grease. Collect fats, grease and oil in the kitchen in our Eco-Tub, contain motor oil in our steel grease collection bin, and transport your grease-filled containers in our steel grease caddy.

  • Standard Grease Bins
  • Eco-Tubs
  • Grease Caddy

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