Front Load Split Container

Multi-Family, Commercial, Restaurants, Light Industrial, Reclclable Green Waste, Food Waste...and many more uses! The Split Container option is available on:

  • 3 & 4 Yard Pitch Tops
  • 6 & 8 Yard Humpbacks
  • Standard Specifications
  • Plastic Lids.
  • 14 GA construction with flanged corners and horizontal "V" groove ribs front, back and bottom.
  • 12 GA bottom.
  • 12 GA interlocking banding.
  • 10 GA casterplate.
  • 11 GA 4" x 8" full length gusseted fork channels on ends reinforced at pick-up points (2" recess or flush front & rear). 1 1/2, 2 cu yd with 4 gussets per channel, 3 cu yd with 6 gussets per channel, 4 cu yd with 8 gussets per channel.
  • Channels available on bottom with 4 gussets per channel.
  • Lid ears to accommodate plastic or steel lids.
  • Zinc plated lid rod with 90 degree bend and nylon lock nut.
  • 6" Roller bearing rubber swivel casters with grease fittings (450 lb. capacity each).
  • 14 GA center divider with deflector to create 2 separate internal sections for trash & recyclables, or whatever your dual compartment needs are.
  • Heavy duty sliding lock bar assembly so each container section can be secured and dumped independently of each other.
  • Plastic lids with steel reinforcement frame to support closed lid while dumping other compartment.
  • Exterior (including bottom) painted your choice of 2 standard colors with alkyd enamel paint to easily identify each section. See some of our available colors. Some colors may be extra.