Confab designs and manufactures a complete line of front load commercial steel containers, steel trash bins and steel dumpsters ranging in sizes from 1 cubic yard to 8 cubic yards. Pitch Tops, Split Containers, Flat Tops, Humpbacks, Dempster Style, Nestable, Counter Balanced Lid Containers, Bear Proof Containers, Compactor Containers, Towable, Econo, Medical Waste, Plastic Bin Liners and Vault Containers. Confab builds quality Steel Dumpsters and Steel Trash Containers for Front Load Garbage Collection Trucks.

Pitch Tops Heavy Duty Nestable Front Load Compactor Containers
Split Containers Plastic Bin Liners Medical Waste Containers
Flat Tops Counter Balanced Lid Containers Bear Proof Containers
Humpbacks Rent-A-Bins Vault Containers
Dempster-Style Towable Containers   
Standard Nestable Front Load