Hazardous waste collection roll-offs are one of Confab's core product lines.  Radius bottom sludge boxes, ultra EZ-dewatering roll-offs, and a line of EZ-flip plastic lids to cover all of your hazardous waste roll-off containers.  Steel fabricated concrete washout containers and vacuum tanks are designed to contain and transport oils, sludge, and other chemicals.  Our household hazardous waste storage sheds are perfect for containing environmental damaging chemicals.  Frac tanks that are mobile steel storage tanks are used to hold liquids. Typically used for fracing wells in the oil and gas industry, a frac tank may also be used to store any liquids like run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, oils, waste products, etc.

Radius Bottom Roll-Off Roll-Off Replacement Parts  
Concrete Washout Ultra EZ Dewatering Box