Smooth Gravity Drain Scrap Bins


Standard Specifications

  • 12 GA construction with pan formed bottom.
  • Sub-floor for draining liquid with 8" perforated center floor sheet by depth of bin.
  • 12 GA interlocking banding.
  • 7 GA 3" x 8" notched channels (available length-wise or width-wise and with 4 way entry 2 1/2" x 7" cut-outs).
  • Stackable - stacking clips for added stability.
  • Full inseam weld (watertight).
  • 1 1/2" Metal drain plug.
  • Interior and exterior coated with rust inhibitive alkyd primer.
  • Exterior (including bottom) painted your choice of standard color with alkyd enamel paint. See some of our available colors. Some colors may be extra.
Options Include:
  • Secondary containment pallet (shown with scrap bin in photos on right).
  • Some sizes available with steel or plastic lids.
  • 1-Piece steel flip lids available on our standard sizes.

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Smooth Scrap Bin
Smooth Scrap Bin on Pallet Smooth Scrap Bin Inside Containment Pallet