Consolidated Fabricators Product Line

Metal Fabricated Container Products

Front Load Containers

Confab designs and manufactures a complete line of front load commercial steel containers, steel trash bins and steel dumpsters ranging in sizes from 1 cubic yard to 8 cubic yards...including but not limited to Pitch Tops, Split Containers, Flat Tops, Humpbacks, Dempster Style, Nestable, Counter Balanced Lid Containers, Bear Proof Containers, Compactor Containers, Towable, Econo, Medical Waste, Plastic Bin Liners and Vault Containers. Confab builds quality steel dumpsters and steel trash containers for front load garbage collection trucks.

Rear Load / Side Load Containers

With a full line up of Universal Rear Load, Side Load, and Nestable Rear Load Containers, Confab is your dependable source for all of your rear load garbage truck collection containers.

Grease Collection Containers

With grease collection needs continuing to grow nationally Confab has designed an array of steel fabricated grease collection containers for all types of grease handling needs. Whether you need to collect grease with our ECO Tubs in the kitchen, transport it with our Grease Caddy or dispense the grease into our Standard and Heavy Duty Grease Collection Bins...Consolidated Fabricators has the right product.


Since 1974 Confab has built the toughest Tilt Hoppers in the steel fabricating industry. With the Track Style and Pivot Hopper we cover your needs for all types of material handling...scrap metal, manufacturing facilities, and more. Our hoppers are built to last.

Scrap Bins

Scrap metal bins and containers have been a mainstay at Consolidated Fabricators. We build metal scrap bins with or without lids, and have a new line of Smooth Gravity Drain Scrap Bins for collecting residual oils from leaking onto factory floors.

Material Handling

We manufacture steel containers for all types of material handling...E-Waste Recycle Bins, Merf Cages for Material Recovery Facilities and trailer conversions. Steel container manufacturing is our expertise.

Emergency Response Containers

No matter what your emergency needs are, Confab has a solution for you! Hazardous waste spills, hazardous waste spill containment, emergency medical needs, or natural won’t be caught without being prepared with our Emergency Response Container Systems. The ERB 1000 is perfect for transfer stations, fueling stations, truck stops, airports for off-site hazardous waste spills. Our ERB 2000 can be used for all spills, and the Towable ERB 3000 is great for quick response to any emergency.

Roll-Off Containers

With storm water regulations becoming more prevalent in the United States, Consolidated Fabricators has designed state-of-the-art steel roll-off containers with roofs for your company's protection. Take a look at our selection of Standard and Heavy Duty Roll-Off Containers, Radius Bottom Roll-Offs for Trash, Tapered Nestable Roll-Offs, Flatbeds, and Octagon Receiver Roll-Offs for Trash Compactors.

Sludge Handling/Environmental Roll-Offs

Hazardous Waste Collection Roll-Offs are one of Confab's core product lines. Our expanse lines include Radius Bottom Sludge Boxes, Ultra EZ Dewatering Roll-Offs, a line of EZ-FLIP Plastic Lids to cover all of your hazardous waste roll-offs, Concrete Washout Containers, Vacuum Tanks designed to contain and transport oils, sludge, and other chemicals, household hazardous waste storage sheds for containing environmental damaging chemicals, and frac tanks that are mobile steel storage tanks used to hold liquids. Typically used for fracing wells in the oil and gas industry, a Frac Tank may also be used to store any liquids like run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, oils, waste products, etc.

Storage Roll-Offs/Vans/Sheds

Designed for all roll-off trucks, our Formed Style, Smooth, Standard and Heavy Duty Roll-Offs are fabricated from high quality steel. Security Storage Vans and Storage Sheds are used on building and construction sites for secure storage of materials.

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