EZ Side Slide Roll-Off Covers


EZ Side Slide covers are lightweight, fit multiple roll off sizes and are easy to install. Made from recycled plastic and 100% recyclable, each panel weights 60 lbs and measures 72.4"H x 100.8"L. Each set of covers includes: 1-“A” panel, 2-“B” panels and 1- “C” panel.

The covers are adjustable to fit 20, 30 & 40 yard roll-off containers. Simply overlap ribs to obtain desired length from 15’ – 22’. 5th Panel can be used for Roll Offs longer than 22’.

Also Available:

  • Specialty roofs

Video Demos:

Extended Lock Pin  |  Ease of Opening & Closing

Roof Safety Chain to Keep Locked in Open Position

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EZ Side Slide Rolloff Covers
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