Dempster-Style Container

Standard Specifications

  • Lids are 16 GA with 14 GA banding and springs for lid to return to closed position. Also available with plastic lids and baffle.
  • 14 GA construction with flanged corners and vertical "V" groove ribs front, back and ends.
  • 12 GA bottom.
  • 12 GA interlocking banding.
  • 10 GA  4" x 8" gusseted full length fork channels, reinforced front and rear. 8 gussets per channel.
  • Steel sliding side doors positioned to automatically close when dumping (also available in plastic). Door opening approximately 30"x 30".
  • 2 Bottom skids - 3" structural channel.
  • Front bottom is angled to clear truck cab. (8 cu yd only).
  • Full inseam weld.
  • 1 1/2" Drain plug.
  • Interior coated with automotive underseal or rust inhibitive alkyd primer.
  • Exterior (including bottom) painted your choice of color with alkyd enamel paint. See some of our available colors. Some colors may be extra.

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Dempster Style Front Load Container
Dempster Style Front Loader Dempster Style Front Load Lid Springs