Concrete Washout Container


Standard Specifications

  • 12’ Long x 8’ wide x 2’ high round bottom.
  • 6 CU YD holding capacity.
  • Heavy gauge floor and sides.
  • 3’ One piece watertight door hinged on side with seal mounted on door.
  • Ratchet style door lock with screw locks.
  • Crossmembers spaced at 16” centers.
  • Superslide™ plastic liner for ease of dumping.
  • 5” Structural channel main rails with 4” x 6” nose rollers.
  • Main rails spaced at 36” ID.
  • Standard hook up.

Lift eyes are optional on rampless bins. Two style are available:

  • Rampless
  • With ramp

Ramp bin includes: spring loaded front platform stationary ramps with fold down ramp extension.

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Concrete Washout
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