Scrap Bin

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Scrap Bin

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  • Available in variety of size options.
  • 12 GA Construction with vertical ribs for added strength.
  • Pan formed bottom.
  • Interlocking banding.
  • 7 GA 3" x 8" notched channels.
  • Stackable - stacking clips for added stability.
  • Full inseam weld (watertight).
  • 1 1/2" Metal drain plug.
  • Interior and exterior coated with rust inhibitive alkyd primer.
  • Exterior (including bottom) painted in your choice of standard color with alkyd enamel paint.
  • Lid Not Included.
    Please visit to order a scrap bin with 1-piece steel lid.

Product Numbers:
13648 (3x3x2)
11913 (3x3x3)
12002 (4x3.5x4)
12104 (6x4x4)
12200 (7x4x4)


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