Heavy Duty Nestable Front Load Container

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Heavy Duty Nestable Front Load Container

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  • Single wall plastic lids.
  • 12 GA Construction with 1" flanged corners and 10 GA bottom. NOT Butt Welded!
  • Interlocking banding.
  • 10 GA 4" x 8" Fork channels on ends reinforced at pick-up points. With 2 taco gussets on bottom and no step gusset on top.
  • Formed entry with round bumpers.
  • 1/2" Zinc plated lid rod with 90 degree bend and nylon lock nut.
  • Lid ears to accommodate plastic or steel lids.
  • 10 GA Skids with end caps to reinforce bottom.
  • 12" Inseam weld.
  • Interior coated with rust inhibitive alkyd primer.
  • Exterior (including bottom) painted your choice of standard color with alkyd enamel paint. Some colors may be extra.

Product Numbers:
552-1-61607 (2 Yard)
553-1-61610 (3 Yard)
554-1-61613 (4 Yard)


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