EZ Side Slide Roll-Off Cover

December 08, 2016

The rainy and snowy season is upon us! As you are likely aware, rain and snowmelt bring benefits (everyone knows about the drought); however, they also bring problems with storm water runoff, especially with aggressive rainfall. Pollutants carried in storm water runoff are being closely watched and regulated by state and federal officials. The news is reporting on this damage and calling out businesses that largely contribute to the environmental damage.

Consolidated Fabricators (ConFab) now offers a solution — our EZ Side Slide Covers. Our lightweight and easy to use solutions keep the contents of your roll-off dry, while keeping contaminants out of the storm drains and landfill. Added benefits include a lighter, drier container that reduces tipping fees and watertight lids that help to prevent rust and leachate. With our lids you can be SWPP-compliant, meet EPA standards, and reduce or eliminate inspection fees!

These lids are available on your new rectangular or radius bottom roll-offs OR can be purchased as a kit of parts that you can install on your existing equipment. The lids fit 20-, 30- and 40-yard roll-offs, and they can be ordered to hinge on either side (the passenger side is standard). Are you interested in learning more? Please review the EZ Side Slide flyer and contact us for additional information.