This ERB unit is the towable unit. It is a road ready trailer sitting at your yard ready for immediate dispatch to any situation. Can attach to all pick-up trucks with a 2” ball. Keeps cleaned up spill materials contained properly during transportation. Front poly on steel caster for easy moving when not in service. Great for special events and community gatherings. Just like the ERB 1000, it can be outfitted with a variety of emergency equipment specific to your response needs. For your Emergency Response Bin, also see our ERB Consumables.

Container Construction

  • 1” x 3” tube reinforced top perimeter.
  • Drain plug conveniently located for clean out.
  • Floor sump with inseam weld to handle spill materials with proper secondary containment.
  • Ramp, shock assisted with reinforced tube frame and safety grip.
  • Stainless steel hardware to eliminate rust.
  • Chrome oversized handles make it easy to lift the lid.
  • Custom built side cabinets available with and without shelves for storage.
  • Shock assisted lids to make opening and closing easy and convenient.
  • Floor mat to keep spilled material from tracking outside.
  • NOTE: Last photo reflects amount of consumables that can be placed in ERB but sold separately.

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