Emergency Response Bin 1000

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Emergency Response Bin 1000

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  • Minimize environmental impact with less remediation afterwards.
  • ERB contains a wide range of equipment and materials.
  • Enables on site personnel to quickly respond to emergencies.
  • The key to your response success and environmental and personnel safety concerns!

Designed to show all Local Enforcement Agencies including visits from OSHA, AQMD, Fire Authorities, and Insurance Representatives the preparedness of your facility or remote on-site operation to respond to emergency needs all within a moment's notice.

This ERB unit is considered a premium stationary container that can be set out in plain sight for all to see. The unit comes powder coated your choice of color, polished diamond plate lid, polished diamond plate inserts and poly on steel casters. The unit can be outfitted with a multitude of choices as to your specific emergency response needs. Having this container on site allows your company to immediately respond to emergencies and protects you from allegations of not being prepared.

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