2-Piece Rolling Roof for Roll-Off


Standard Specifications

  • 14 GA construction.
  • Replaces tarps.
  • 6" Arch design promotes superior water run off, keeping rain out.
  • All rollers have grease fittings.
  • Self-adjusting spring loaded chain binders.
  • Roof interlocks to wheel track to ensure continuous attachment to container.
  • "V" Groove wheels ensure smooth, easy operation.
  • Lightweight single person operation.
  • Wheel track designed for water drainage at both ends and to prevent water from entering container.
  • Pull handles at each corner
  • Can be locked shut to prevent unwanted entry, scavenging and dumping.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Available to fit any style roll-off containers.
  • Available: 8'-24'.
  • SWPP compliant.

Also Available:

  • Specialty roofs

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2 Piece Rolling Roof

2 Piece Rolling Roof 2 Piece Rolling Roof